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Email Systems Python scripts - Top 4 Download

Email Systems Python script downloads


BoboMail is a webmail application, which provides mail access through a web interface.Features: - read, write, reply, forward, delete and bounce messages - send and receive attachments - decodes quoted-printable, base64 and uuencoded - handles HTML-mails properly (with inline images!) - does not need Javascript - ...

IMAP mailwatcher program using Tkinter

This script polls an IMAP inbox for unread messages and displays the sender and subject in a scrollable window using Tkinter. It reads servername, user, and password from ~/.imap file. They must be on one line, separated with spaces. ...


MAPI Send script represents a simple solution for sending MAPI mail within Python and at the cmd prompt. ...

Reading and writing mbox style mailbox files

This script demonstrates reading and writing an mbox style mailbox. This script is an mbox filter. It scans through an entire mbox and writes the messages to a new file. Each message is passed through a filter function which may modify the document or ignore it. hich may >/ ...

Send an HTML email

HTML is the method of choice for those wishing to send emails with rich text, layout and graphics. Often it is desirable to embed the graphics within the message so recipients can display the message directly, without further downloads. Some mail agents don't support HTML or their users prefer to receive ...

Unpack a multipart MIME message

This script is an example of using the email module to unpack and decode a MIME message. This example uses the message's walk() method. ...

Use email module to bundle current directory

Use email module to bundle current directory script uses the email module to create a multipart MIME message. ...