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Auctions scripts - Top 4 Download

Auctions script downloads


It can be use to quickly set up online multi-user auction sites.InstallationUpload all the files except the docs directoryCHMOD the uploads directory to 0777CHMOD the includes/data.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the includes/countries.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the language/EN/categories.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the language/EN/categories_select_box.inc.php to 0777CHMOD the cache directory to 0777Go to homepage and follow the steps ...


Online auctions weren't overly common at the time, but quickly gained popularity in the coming years. Around the time when EveryAuction was released, ActionWeb changed their name to eBay, making the idea of online auctions commonplace. Many of EveryAuction's initial features such as sniper protection and "dutch" auctions (an add-on) were ...