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Calculator scripts - Top 4 Download

Calculator script downloads

Astrological Sign Finder

Astrological Sign helps your visitors to know their astrological sign. ...

The Love Test

The Love Test  javascript harnesses the psychic aspects of the language to determine your compatibility -romance wise- with another person, based on each other's names. ...

Chmod Calculator

Chmod calculator is the most robust calculator of its kind. It allows you to lookup and display the permission setting value (ie: 755) for files in 3 different ways, including its text equivalent (ie: -rwxr-xr-x). With this script you have all you could need to change your server file With thiion! ...


Calctool is a desktop calculator. It has been designed to be used with either the mouse or the keyboard. It is visually similar to a lot of hand-held calculators. There are financial, logical and scientific modes. Similar operations are color coded. Some of the calculator keys have menu marks. This indicates ...